This Page Was Intentionally Left Blank

All I wanted was you, nothing more
To see you here, smiling, sighing
leaving poetry pages at my door
With the lights low, the moon dim
I swear, if you could see us just once more
You’d want for nothing – of that, I’m sure

Maybe it’s silly, how I would dare to climb
Not social ladders, but your ego, these high hopes
In my dreams, I still see your ghost
We had to let it go – the world moved on. We lost
Me, my secrets, dearest memories – at most

We could kid ourselves it never happened
I tried, you lied. Tell me time and time again,
My mind was simply playing tricks
It changes nothing, the door broke when
My heart broke with you

Now, I’m safe at a distance. I’m out at sea.
Oh, message me in a bottle. It doesn’t mean a thing
They’ll say nothing, not a word – no, nothing
If you love me, you’d think at least to set me free
If you need me, then you’d at least try to hide with me

Each time I think of you, I die a little bit inside
I hate you for the reason that you’ll never be
Who you are at heart
I’ve walked this road before, I cried, they tried, you hide
This is just another notepad,
Probably another love letter – One more love you never had

All I ever wanted was you, nothing more
Tough break on the nothingness you gave
So I’m leaving with this last letter
To be better, the way you left me, as my heart sank
Only this time,
I’ll be damn sure
This page was intentionally left blank



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